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AddaxO   W   D
AgutiO   W   D
AmmonO   W   D
ArielO   W   D
BisonO   W   D
BitchO   W   D
BobacO   W   D
BobakO   W   D
BongoO   W   D
BrockO   W   D
BruinO   W   D
BurroO   W   D
CamelO   W   D
CanisO   W   D
ChimpO   W   D
ChiruO   W   D
CivetO   W   D
CoatiO   W   D
ConeyO   W   D
CoypuO   W   D
CroneO   W   D
CuddyO   W   D
DamanO   W   D
DholeO   W   D
DingoO   W   D
DogieO   W   D
DrillO   W   D
ElandO   W   D
EquusO   W   D
FelisO   W   D
FillyO   W   D
FitchO   W   D
FossaO   W   D
GayalO   W   D
GenetO   W   D
GoralO   W   D
GriceO   W   D
GryceO   W   D
HinnyO   W   D
HorseO   W   D
HutiaO   W   D
HyenaO   W   D
HyraxO   W   D
IndriO   W   D
IzardO   W   D
JockoO   W   D
KaamaO   W   D
KiangO   W   D
KoalaO   W   D
KulanO   W   D
KyloeO   W   D
LemurO   W   D
LigerO   W   D
LlamaO   W   D
LorisO   W   D
MagotO   W   D
ManisO   W   D
ManulO   W   D
MhorrO   W   D
MooseO   W   D
MorseO   W   D
MouseO   W   D
NagorO   W   D
NyalaO   W   D
OkapiO   W   D
OrangO   W   D
OribiO   W   D
OtaryO   W   D
OtterO   W   D
OunceO   W   D
PandaO   W   D
PekanO   W   D
PhocaO   W   D
PongoO   W   D
PottoO   W   D
PuppyO   W   D
RatelO   W   D
RoyalO   W   D
SableO   W   D
SaigaO   W   D
SajouO   W   D
SasinO   W   D
SerowO   W   D
SheepO   W   D
ShoatO   W   D
ShoteO   W   D
ShrewO   W   D
SkunkO   W   D
SlothO   W   D
SorelO   W   D
SpadeO   W   D
SpadoO   W   D
SteerO   W   D
StirkO   W   D
StoatO   W   D
SwineO   W   D
TabbyO   W   D
TakinO   W   D
TapirO   W   D
TatouO   W   D
TigerO   W   D
TigonO   W   D
UrialO   W   D
UrsonO   W   D
VisonO   W   D
VixenO   W   D
WhaleO   W   D
WhelpO   W   D
YapokO   W   D
ZebraO   W   D
ZerdaO   W   D
ZibetO   W   D
ZorilO   W   D
ZorroO   W   D

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