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AgoutaO   W   D
AgoutiO   W   D
AlipedO   W   D
AlpacaO   W   D
AngoraO   W   D
AnkoleO   W   D
AoudadO   W   D
ArgaliO   W   D
Aye-ayeO   W   D
BaboonO   W   D
BadgerO   W   D
BandarO   W   D
BarrowO   W   D
BeaverO   W   D
BelugaO   W   D
BharalO   W   D
BobcatO   W   D
BosbokO   W   D
BurhelO   W   D
BurrelO   W   D
ChacmaO   W   D
ChitalO   W   D
CoaitaO   W   D
ColugoO   W   D
CossetO   W   D
CougarO   W   D
CoyoteO   W   D
CuscusO   W   D
DesmanO   W   D
DexterO   W   D
Dik-dikO   W   D
Dog-foxO   W   D
DonkeyO   W   D
DugongO   W   D
DuikerO   W   D
DuykerO   W   D
DzerenO   W   D
ErmineO   W   D
FennecO   W   D
FerretO   W   D
FisherO   W   D
FoussaO   W   D
Fox-batO   W   D
GalagoO   W   D
GeladaO   W   D
GerbilO   W   D
GibbonO   W   D
GibcatO   W   D
GopherO   W   D
GrisonO   W   D
GrivetO   W   D
GuenonO   W   D
HackeeO   W   D
HeiferO   W   D
HoggetO   W   D
Hog-ratO   W   D
HowlerO   W   D
ImpalaO   W   D
IndrisO   W   D
InyalaO   W   D
JackalO   W   D
JaguarO   W   D
JambokO   W   D
JerboaO   W   D
JumartO   W   D
KalongO   W   D
KodiakO   W   D
KoodooO   W   D
KoulanO   W   D
LangurO   W   D
MacacoO   W   D
MalkinO   W   D
MalmagO   W   D
MammalO   W   D
MargayO   W   D
MarmotO   W   D
MartenO   W   D
MawkinO   W   D
MerinoO   W   D
MessanO   W   D
MoggieO   W   D
MonkeyO   W   D
MorkinO   W   D
MusangO   W   D
Musk-oxO   W   D
NilgaiO   W   D
NilgauO   W   D
NumbatO   W   D
NutriaO   W   D
OcelotO   W   D
OlingoO   W   D
OnagerO   W   D
OorialO   W   D
OvibosO   W   D
PallahO   W   D
PardalO   W   D
PorkerO   W   D
PossumO   W   D
PygargO   W   D
QuaggaO   W   D
RabbitO   W   D
RacoonO   W   D
Red foxO   W   D
ReebokO   W   D
RhebokO   W   D
RhesusO   W   D
RodentO   W   D
SagoinO   W   D
SaguinO   W   D
SambarO   W   D
SamburO   W   D
Sea apeO   W   D
Sea cowO   W   D
ServalO   W   D
SifakaO   W   D
SimianO   W   D
SimpaiO   W   D
SuslikO   W   D
TaguanO   W   D
TanrecO   W   D
TapetiO   W   D
TarandO   W   D
TeleduO   W   D
TenrecO   W   D
TheaveO   W   D
TomcatO   W   D
TurtleO   W   D
TuskerO   W   D
UakariO   W   D
VerminO   W   D
VervetO   W   D
VicunaO   W   D
WalrusO   W   D
WapitiO   W   D
WeaselO   W   D
WetherO   W   D
WisentO   W   D
WombatO   W   D
Wou-wouO   W   D
Wow-wowO   W   D
YapockO   W   D

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