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AcouchyO   W   D
Ant-bearO   W   D
AurochsO   W   D
BantengO   W   D
BantingO   W   D
BettongO   W   D
Big-hornO   W   D
BlaubokO   W   D
BlesbokO   W   D
BloubokO   W   D
Blue foxO   W   D
BonasusO   W   D
BrocketO   W   D
BubalisO   W   D
BuffaloO   W   D
BullockO   W   D
Bush-catO   W   D
Bush dogO   W   D
Bush pigO   W   D
Cane ratO   W   D
Cape foxO   W   D
CaracalO   W   D
CaribouO   W   D
CattaloO   W   D
ChamoisO   W   D
CheetahO   W   D
ColobusO   W   D
Coon catO   W   D
DasypodO   W   D
DasyureO   W   D
DolphinO   W   D
EanlingO   W   D
EchidnaO   W   D
EpizoanO   W   D
EpizoonO   W   D
ErmelinO   W   D
FatlingO   W   D
FinbackO   W   D
FitchetO   W   D
FitchewO   W   D
FoumartO   W   D
Fur sealO   W   D
GazelleO   W   D
GeldingO   W   D
GemsbokO   W   D
GenetteO   W   D
GerenukO   W   D
GiraffeO   W   D
GluttonO   W   D
GorillaO   W   D
GrampusO   W   D
GrizzlyO   W   D
GrysbokO   W   D
GuanacoO   W   D
HamsterO   W   D
HanumanO   W   D
Hog deerO   W   D
HoolockO   W   D
HuanacoO   W   D
JacchusO   W   D
JackassO   W   D
JumbuckO   W   D
KarakulO   W   D
KeitloaO   W   D
KidlingO   W   D
KlipdasO   W   D
LambkinO   W   D
LemmingO   W   D
LeopardO   W   D
LeveretO   W   D
LibbardO   W   D
LinsangO   W   D
LionessO   W   D
MacaqueO   W   D
MadoquaO   W   D
MammothO   W   D
ManateeO   W   D
Manx catO   W   D
MarkhorO   W   D
MarmoseO   W   D
MeercatO   W   D
MeerkatO   W   D
MineverO   W   D
MiniverO   W   D
Mole ratO   W   D
Moon ratO   W   D
MorlingO   W   D
MouflonO   W   D
MuntjakO   W   D
MusimonO   W   D
Musk-catO   W   D
MuskratO   W   D
MustelaO   W   D
MylodonO   W   D
NandineO   W   D
NarwhalO   W   D
NoctuleO   W   D
NylghauO   W   D
OndatraO   W   D
OpossumO   W   D
OuakariO   W   D
PackratO   W   D
PainterO   W   D
Palm catO   W   D
PantherO   W   D
PeccaryO   W   D
PolecatO   W   D
PotorooO   W   D
PricketO   W   D
PrimateO   W   D
RaccoonO   W   D
Red deerO   W   D
RoebuckO   W   D
Roe deerO   W   D
Roof ratO   W   D
RorqualO   W   D
SagouinO   W   D
SaimiriO   W   D
SapajouO   W   D
SassabyO   W   D
Sea bearO   W   D
SealionO   W   D
SiamangO   W   D
SjambokO   W   D
SladangO   W   D
SolipedO   W   D
SondeliO   W   D
SounderO   W   D
SouslikO   W   D
SpitterO   W   D
StembokO   W   D
SumpterO   W   D
Sun bearO   W   D
TamanduO   W   D
TamaraoO   W   D
TamarauO   W   D
TamarinO   W   D
TarsierO   W   D
TatouayO   W   D
TigressO   W   D
TimarauO   W   D
TwinterO   W   D
UnicornO   W   D
VampireO   W   D
WallabyO   W   D
WarthogO   W   D
Wild assO   W   D
WildcatO   W   D
Wild dogO   W   D
WistitiO   W   D
Wood ratO   W   D
ZamouseO   W   D
ZebrassO   W   D
ZebrulaO   W   D
ZebruleO   W   D
ZorillaO   W   D
ZorilleO   W   D
ZorilloO   W   D

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