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AardvarkO   W   D
AardwolfO   W   D
AnteaterO   W   D
AntelopeO   W   D
Axis deerO   W   D
BabirusaO   W   D
BehemothO   W   D
BiscachaO   W   D
BizcachaO   W   D
Black catO   W   D
Black foxO   W   D
Black ratO   W   D
BontebokO   W   D
BoschbokO   W   D
Brown ratO   W   D
BullcalfO   W   D
BushbabyO   W   D
BushbuckO   W   D
CachalotO   W   D
CacomixlO   W   D
CapuchinO   W   D
CapybaraO   W   D
CarcajouO   W   D
CavicornO   W   D
CetaceanO   W   D
ChigetaiO   W   D
ChinkaraO   W   D
ChipmunkO   W   D
Civet catO   W   D
CricetidO   W   D
Demi-wolfO   W   D
DormouseO   W   D
DuckbillO   W   D
DurukuliO   W   D
ElephantO   W   D
EntellusO   W   D
Fin whaleO   W   D
Fruit batO   W   D
Grass catO   W   D
HedgehogO   W   D
HedgepigO   W   D
HoggerelO   W   D
HylobateO   W   D
Irish elkO   W   D
JavelinaO   W   D
KangarooO   W   D
KinkajouO   W   D
LamantinO   W   D
MacropodO   W   D
MandrillO   W   D
MangabeyO   W   D
MarmosetO   W   D
MastodonO   W   D
Milch cowO   W   D
MongooseO   W   D
Mule deerO   W   D
Musk cavyO   W   D
Musk deerO   W   D
MusquashO   W   D
PackmuleO   W   D
PangolinO   W   D
PardalisO   W   D
PhyseterO   W   D
PlatypusO   W   D
PorklingO   W   D
PorpoiseO   W   D
ReedbuckO   W   D
ReindeerO   W   D
RingtailO   W   D
RuminantO   W   D
Sea otterO   W   D
Sei whaleO   W   D
SeladangO   W   D
SerotineO   W   D
SewellelO   W   D
Sewer ratO   W   D
SquirrelO   W   D
StaggardO   W   D
SteenbokO   W   D
StinkardO   W   D
SteinbokO   W   D
SuricateO   W   D
Swift foxO   W   D
Tabby catO   W   D
TalapoinO   W   D
TamanduaO   W   D
TamanoirO   W   D
Tiger catO   W   D
Tuco-tucoO   W   D
ViscachaO   W   D
VizcachaO   W   D
WallarooO   W   D
WanderooO   W   D
WarragalO   W   D
WarragleO   W   D
WarragulO   W   D
WarrigalO   W   D
Water ratO   W   D
WeanlingO   W   D
Wharf ratO   W   D
WhistlerO   W   D
White foxO   W   D
Wild boarO   W   D
Wild goatO   W   D
YeanlingO   W   D
YearlingO   W   D
ZebrinnyO   W   D

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