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AukletO   W   D
AvocetO   W   D
BarbetO   W   D
BishopO   W   D
BrolgaO   W   D
BrubruO   W   D
BudgieO   W   D
BulbulO   W   D
CanaryO   W   D
ChikorO   W   D
ChoughO   W   D
ChukarO   W   D
ChukorO   W   D
CondorO   W   D
CoucalO   W   D
CuckooO   W   D
CurlewO   W   D
DarterO   W   D
DipperO   W   D
DrongoO   W   D
DunlinO   W   D
EagletO   W   D
Elf owlO   W   D
FalconO   W   D
FiscalO   W   D
FulmarO   W   D
GannetO   W   D
GentooO   W   D
GodwitO   W   D
GrouseO   W   D
HermitO   W   D
HoodieO   W   D
HoopoeO   W   D
JabiruO   W   D
JacanaO   W   D
JaegerO   W   D
KakapoO   W   D
KokakoO   W   D
LannerO   W   D
LinnetO   W   D
LoerieO   W   D
LourieO   W   D
MagpieO   W   D
MartinO   W   D
MerlinO   W   D
MotmotO   W   D
OrigmaO   W   D
OrioleO   W   D
OspreyO   W   D
PalilaO   W   D
ParrotO   W   D
PeewitO   W   D
PetrelO   W   D
PhoebeO   W   D
PigeonO   W   D
PloverO   W   D
PuffinO   W   D
QueleaO   W   D
RatiteO   W   D
RollerO   W   D
ScoterO   W   D
Sea mewO   W   D
ShikraO   W   D
ShrikeO   W   D
SiskinO   W   D
TakaheO   W   D
ThrushO   W   D
TomtitO   W   D
ToucanO   W   D
TowheeO   W   D
TrogonO   W   D
TuracoO   W   D
TurkeyO   W   D
TyrantO   W   D
VerdinO   W   D
WeaverO   W   D
WhidahO   W   D
WhydahO   W   D
WigeonO   W   D
WilletO   W   D
YaffleO   W   D

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