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AntbirdO   W   D
BabblerO   W   D
Barn owlO   W   D
BitternO   W   D
Blue jayO   W   D
Blue titO   W   D
BuntingO   W   D
Bush-henO   W   D
BushtitO   W   D
BustardO   W   D
BuzzardO   W   D
CaciqueO   W   D
CatbirdO   W   D
ChickenO   W   D
ChikhorO   W   D
Coal titO   W   D
CorellaO   W   D
CotingaO   W   D
CourserO   W   D
CowbirdO   W   D
CreeperO   W   D
DovekieO   W   D
DunnockO   W   D
EmeraldO   W   D
Emu wrenO   W   D
FantailO   W   D
FigbirdO   W   D
FinfootO   W   D
Fish owlO   W   D
FlickerO   W   D
GadwallO   W   D
GoshawkO   W   D
GoslingO   W   D
GrackleO   W   D
GreyhenO   W   D
Grey jayO   W   D
GreylagO   W   D
Grey owlO   W   D
GriffonO   W   D
HarrierO   W   D
Hawk owlO   W   D
HoatzinO   W   D
Hoot owlO   W   D
HorneroO   W   D
JacamarO   W   D
JackdawO   W   D
JacobinO   W   D
KestrelO   W   D
KingletO   W   D
LapwingO   W   D
LimpkinO   W   D
MallardO   W   D
ManakinO   W   D
MarabouO   W   D
Mew gullO   W   D
MinivetO   W   D
MonarchO   W   D
MoorhenO   W   D
MournerO   W   D
OilbirdO   W   D
OrtolanO   W   D
OstrichO   W   D
PeacockO   W   D
PeafowlO   W   D
PelicanO   W   D
PenguinO   W   D
PiculetO   W   D
PintailO   W   D
PochardO   W   D
QuetzalO   W   D
RedheadO   W   D
Red kiteO   W   D
Red knotO   W   D
RedpollO   W   D
RedwingO   W   D
RoosterO   W   D
RosellaO   W   D
SeagullO   W   D
SeriemaO   W   D
SkimmerO   W   D
SkylarkO   W   D
SnowcapO   W   D
SparrowO   W   D
SunbirdO   W   D
SwallowO   W   D
TanagerO   W   D
TattlerO   W   D
TinamouO   W   D
TouracoO   W   D
Ural owlO   W   D
VultureO   W   D
WagtailO   W   D
WarblerO   W   D
WaxbillO   W   D
WaxwingO   W   D
WeebillO   W   D
WrentitO   W   D
WrybillO   W   D
WryneckO   W   D

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