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AccentorO   W   D
AdjutantO   W   D
AvadavatO   W   D
Azure jayO   W   D
Azure titO   W   D
Bald ibisO   W   D
BateleurO   W   D
Bee-eaterO   W   D
BellbirdO   W   D
BlackcapO   W   D
BluebirdO   W   D
Blue duckO   W   D
BoatbillO   W   D
BobolinkO   W   D
BobwhiteO   W   D
Brown jayO   W   D
Cape crowO   W   D
CaracaraO   W   D
CardinalO   W   D
CargooseO   W   D
CockatooO   W   D
CoquetteO   W   D
CurassowO   W   D
DabchickO   W   D
DotterelO   W   D
Eagle owlO   W   D
Fish hawkO   W   D
FlamingoO   W   D
Game birdO   W   D
GamecockO   W   D
GarganeyO   W   D
Great aukO   W   D
Great titO   W   D
Green jayO   W   D
GreenletO   W   D
GrosbeakO   W   D
GuacharoO   W   D
HamerkopO   W   D
HawfinchO   W   D
HornbillO   W   D
IbisbillO   W   D
KilldeerO   W   D
KingbirdO   W   D
King railO   W   D
LeafloveO   W   D
LongspurO   W   D
LorikeetO   W   D
LovebirdO   W   D
LyrebirdO   W   D
MannikinO   W   D
Marsh titO   W   D
MegapodeO   W   D
MoreporkO   W   D
Musk duckO   W   D
Mute swanO   W   D
NestlingO   W   D
NightjarO   W   D
NuthatchO   W   D
OvenbirdO   W   D
OxpeckerO   W   D
PalmchatO   W   D
ParakeetO   W   D
ParduscoO   W   D
PauraqueO   W   D
PheasantO   W   D
Pied crowO   W   D
PlushcapO   W   D
PoorwillO   W   D
PrunellaO   W   D
PuffbirdO   W   D
Pygmy owlO   W   D
RainbirdO   W   D
RedshankO   W   D
RedstartO   W   D
ReedlingO   W   D
RiflemanO   W   D
Rock DoveO   W   D
Rock wrenO   W   D
SapphireO   W   D
Scops owlO   W   D
ScreamerO   W   D
ScrubtitO   W   D
Sea eagleO   W   D
ShelduckO   W   D
ShoebillO   W   D
ShovelerO   W   D
SilktailO   W   D
Snowy owlO   W   D
SongbirdO   W   D
Sora railO   W   D
StarlingO   W   D
SungrebeO   W   D
SurfbirdO   W   D
SwamphenO   W   D
SwiftletO   W   D
Tawny owlO   W   D
ThrasherO   W   D
TitmouseO   W   D
ToucanetO   W   D
TragopanO   W   D
TroupialO   W   D
TremblerO   W   D
WaldrappO   W   D
WaterhenO   W   D
WheatearO   W   D
WhimbrelO   W   D
WhinchatO   W   D
WhipbirdO   W   D
WhistlerO   W   D
White-eyeO   W   D
WildfowlO   W   D
WoodchatO   W   D
WoodcockO   W   D
Wood duckO   W   D
Wood ibisO   W   D
WoodlarkO   W   D

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