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Aaron's rodO   W   D
AchiminesO   W   D
AmaryllisO   W   D
AnthuriumO   W   D
AquilegiaO   W   D
ArchangelO   W   D
ArtemisiaO   W   D
AubrietiaO   W   D
Bee orchidO   W   D
BirdsfootO   W   D
BloodwortO   W   D
Blue poppyO   W   D
Briar roseO   W   D
Brier roseO   W   D
BrooklimeO   W   D
ButterburO   W   D
ButtercupO   W   D
CalendulaO   W   D
CampanulaO   W   D
CandytuftO   W   D
Canna lilyO   W   D
CarnationO   W   D
CelandineO   W   D
CentaureaO   W   D
Cherry-pieO   W   D
ChickweedO   W   D
China roseO   W   D
CinerariaO   W   D
Clove pinkO   W   D
CockscombO   W   D
ColtsfootO   W   D
ColumbineO   W   D
CoreopsisO   W   D
Corn poppyO   W   D
DandelionO   W   D
Devil's bitO   W   D
DigitalisO   W   D
Dog violetO   W   D
DoronicumO   W   D
Dove's footO   W   D
EdelweissO   W   D
EglantineO   W   D
EyebrightO   W   D
Fly orchidO   W   D
ForsythiaO   W   D
GipsywortO   W   D
GladiolusO   W   D
GoldenrodO   W   D
GroundselO   W   D
Hairy tareO   W   D
HelleboreO   W   D
HollyhockO   W   D
HorehoundO   W   D
Hybrid teaO   W   D
HydrangeaO   W   D
HypericumO   W   D
ImpatiensO   W   D
JessamineO   W   D
KniphofiaO   W   D
Lady-smockO   W   D
Lotus lilyO   W   D
Man orchidO   W   D
MayflowerO   W   D
Meadow-rueO   W   D
MonkshoodO   W   D
Naked ladyO   W   D
NarcissusO   W   D
NavelwortO   W   D
NemophilaO   W   D
PimpernelO   W   D
PortulacaO   W   D
PyrethrumO   W   D
SaxifrageO   W   D
Sea rocketO   W   D
SpearwortO   W   D
SpeedwellO   W   D
StonecropO   W   D
SunflowerO   W   D
Sun spurgeO   W   D
Thorow-waxO   W   D
Tiger lilyO   W   D
ToothwortO   W   D
Torch lilyO   W   D
TormentilO   W   D
TwaybladeO   W   D
VerbascumO   W   D
Water lilyO   W   D
Water flagO   W   D
Wild pansyO   W   D
Wood avensO   W   D

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