Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 1 by Cincinnus



1Apt to take what belongs to others (11)
7Sprite with oddly neglected sex life (3)
9Brown bread put back in front of oven (5)
10Flying from Ontario, using a chopper (2,3,4)
11Rare red revolutionary ruined round (9)
12Love affair resulting from introduction to Latin with pure heart? (5)
13Greek state's overthrown governors (7)
15Little girl meeting end in fiction - approximately 114 cm. (4)
18Swindle turncoats (4)
20Some survivors send a signal about distress (7)
23Award given to someone extremely corpulent (5)
24Part of river around isle that's not isolated? (9)
26Dreadfully strait men (9)
27Strong paper to make ship sound (5)
28Perch that's held by angler (3)
29Contests for which no teams turn out (11)

1Must liar lie about regard for others? (8)
2Approval expressed for archbishop in service areas (8)
3Beast that's not terribly content (5)
4Wild suitor, wild with love (7)
5One caught by Artemis initially, one metamorphosed (7)
6Being looked at, I wept out loud (9)
7Team about to take on recording pioneer (6)
8Illustration of fruit and flower (6)
14St. Michael transforms metal transformer (9)
16Get back base baritone (8)
17Insulating material like cream on exterior organs (8)
19Piece in Nice? To a greater degree for the auditor (7)
20Final performance - grand exit for film actress (7)
21Light provider in Gwynnedd or Merioneth (6)
22Scorched watercolour (6)
25Garbage that's satisfactory - with a bad smell about it (5)