Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 2 by Cincinnus



1A girl with a mouse or a flower (5-4,5)
10Well, a pig without a tail is a wild animal (5)
11Very cold island captured by American general (9)
12A politician with a degree - one associated with thieves (3,4)
13Notices posted in a river and a large salt lake (4,3)
14A long time after the end of winter storms (5)
16Ousted dictator's taken round a police compound (5,4)
19Public house with French name, and another over in French capital (5,4)
20Heath's absence is marked (5)
22It's only human, when deprived of leadership, to become lacking in virility (7)
25Puzzles concerning public transport (7)
27Sole form of punishment for being disposed to a bad sin (9)
28King John's last to find out (5)
29Game birds (5,3,6)

2Enticing creature in thin coat (7,2)
3Letter from Greece about an Asian country (5)
4Note pale sand collected on seaside walk (9)
5Every other letter from dear friends went astray (5)
6Any minute now there's a card game in a Canadian city (9)
7Petitions made by business types (5)
8For a penny-pincher it's a bore to drink up (7)
9Balloon filler's boastful talk (3,3)
15Linguist's specialism - writing about names and contractions? (9)
17Novelist is with crowd outside court (9)
18Sparta, for example, static yet mobile (4,5)
19Fixed water supply for fruit and flower site (7)
21Request for prima donna providing medicine? (6)
23Charming sounds from hippopotamus I captured (5)
24Long story without point (5)
26Modellers may use this ointment endlessly (5)