Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 3 by Cincinnus



1Maturity? That's all in Shakespeare (8)
5One in cooler gets cool rap session (6)
9Marine crustacean, a sort of lean crab (8)
10Completely at home, having had enough to eat (2,4)
12English city is first to be heard (5)
13Lots of memory required for Microsoft environment, initially designed by Gates (9)
14Numbers cut back in Arizona (6)
16Bear with blemish following us around (7)
19Last offer (4,3)
21One sharing top billing with other actors? (2-4)
23Two garments required for baseball fielder (9)
25Sound made by German car needing a bit of oil (5)
26General method for making a margin (6)
27Wendy's family favourites (8)
28Protest government leader is locating (6)
29If thrown out, I'd return as a gatecrasher (8)

1/22Serb labourer's overthrown demagogue (6-6)
2Dicky, Peter and Paul, always carrying on (9)
3Approaches made by listeners after end of transmission (5)
4A wise person could be alone one day (7)
6Collected works mobs use in rioting (9)
7He sold his soul for quick university entrance (5)
8/18Unnecessary refinements produce sound results (5,3,8)
11Only odd anglers needed a long time (4)
15Town's rail transport? (4,5)
17A ring with a single diamond finally relinquished (9)
18See 8
20Archbishop in ballet skirt (4)
21Biblical character without fitting rank (7)
22See 1
24Faldo's last appearance on green in Open (5)
25Any boy learning engineering really starts to be more adept (5)