Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 4 by Cincinnus



1Fuddled shire, fuddled town (12)
10Nicks made with one end of razor before others start shaving (7)
11The French island guaranteed to provide recreation (7)
12Pair of tights boy put back in a sort of basin? (5)
13City still cock-a-hoop (8)
15One very thin garment revealing all (10)
16Fancy mount carrying equestrian leader (4)
18For the auditor, 4 lines (4)
20Flabbergasted when one lost over 2,240 pounds (10)
22I'm a youth in 1950s fashion - it's accepted and copied (8)
24Group of soldiers not completely stiff (5)
26Derive benefit from daring feat (7)
27European city centre, a secure retreat (7)
28One interested in engines teaches ceramicist (5-7)

2Wodehouse character depicted in national crest (7)
3Shows to perform in a Norfolk town (8)
4Pink structure on ceiling (4)
5One who discriminates between U and non-U? (4,6)
6Detectives held up by alien ordinance (5)
7Poet taken round university by daughter is disheartened (7)
8Vessel rebuilt, recast, reformed (13)
9Business activity making machines grind (13)
14Author seen in walled city, then not turning up (10)
17Musicianship of high-fliers? (8)
19Type of dessert given to favourite dog (7)
21Leading lady taking drugs (7)
23Bouquet presented by Figaro, maybe (5)
25A milksop starts to whine, ignoring manly pursuits (4)