Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 5 by Cincinnus



1. Booze provided by a large company initially - half of lager
5. Barbecue most fit for young carnivore
9. Better fish is about ten cents
10. Worthless recital beginning with Beethoven's ninth and sixth
11. Pure woman followed by man without sweetheart
12. In April Keats is a poet
13. Bore was a candidate
15. Uncomprehending remark from egomaniac
18. Suitable cover for soldier with American equipment
19. The end of cotton - after that, only plastic material
21. Something remaining of priest sheltered by Roman Catholic
23. Runners' start and finish - treading on another's toes?
25. Language is able to sound extremely subtle
26. Grade of French wine and of French oil
27. Coloured by hand? It's bound to be
28. Engines given less strain conk out first

1. Coming round back of temple, a goddess approaches
2. Jubilant bird with a ring
3. Lawful food Arab leader brought into dining room
4. Transport for salt of the earth?
5. Mark (originally, Berlin's currency)
6. Get to know a singular firm
7. Yarn we hear causing pain
8. Booming bird bearing beer before
14. Police officer finds minister's address in the phone book
16. Author of "Sea Fever" appearing in filmed version
17. Not occupied with article about true lies
18. Fruit from African interior stowed aboard a vessel (and transported to Capri)
20. One who shoots up acquires bits of chicken, perhaps
22. Cut necessitated by old knight losing fortune?
23. Upright individual attending attendance centre
24. Suitable position in life attained with a little Masonic help