Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 6 by Cincinnus



1. Way to avoid surgical procedure?
4. "Spanish Queen" is a misleading label
10. Well timed rock or pop melody
11. Explosive ingredient - disconcerting revolutionary ingredient
12. Song and dance requiring action?
13. Qualms of young lady about donation
15. Empty beer jugs they deliver to pubs
16. Everyone in drag is fat
19. Region of Italy like an English county but less cold?
21. Country fair opening away from the sea
23. Cover for biography of Mae West?
25. Resolute business concern
27. Douglas's location indicated by a spot-marker that's self-evident
28. Making Zoe squeal like Nana?
29. Bognor extension - tax records are kept here
30. Sorrow when Hanoverian king first meets woman in garden

1. Top TV
2. Fancy, like ambient music and a lot of paper
3. Painful choice of directions
5. Handy craft barely perceptible to the audience?
6. Kindly couple from Evesham in Ben Elton novel
7. Admit learner must go to school
8. A twit relaxed
9. North African city importing a hundred gymslips?
14. Novelist depicting Tudor and Stuart kings
17. Lose a quid, playing with concubine
18. Plot in a titled lady's novel
20. A beggar caught in a Moorish palace
21. Topsy-turvy insect trapped by another in a wishy-washy way
22. Bright star - one in promising location?
24. Heather joins female cast
26. Change course? Move erratically? Not entirely