Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 9 by Cincinnus



And who is going round abroad making least noise? (8)
Trollope's piano (6)
10 Silver and gold taken to a market- place (5)
11 Liquor salesman's skill displayed in drunken spree (9)
12 Novel country or state (3,6)
13 An entrance hall for you to make an entrance (5)
14 Suave outlaw plunged into river (6)
15 Cockney intellectual, we hear, may be plucked (7)
18 Reds die, but revolutionary lived (7)
20 Emperor, with German consent, replacing one in coach (6)
22 Capture French count (5)
24 Seafood dished out to go with nuts and ale? (9)
25 Animal that may have roamed about in arid setting (9)
26 Monopolise an Indian hut (5)
27 Rebellion coming to the surface (6)
28 King removed oak trees - replaced by small shrubs (3,5)

Designer admits mini finally is old-fashioned (6)
Actor gets job in industrial plant (9)
Canal straighter than man deserves (6,3,6)
Loan given to team that's to go down (7)
Eleven in succession? (3,5,7)
Turning up on historic date? Not a Toytown character! (5)
Teams working up excitement with war cries? (8)
Poet, penniless, outside jobcentre (6)
16 Casting is so grand for directors, by the way (4,5)
17 Peter the Hermit, for example, used cars for transport (8)
19 'The almighty --, for some, is an idol' (Lardner) (6)
20 Old photograph in colour: yellow, initially, with purple edges (7)
21 Economist, outside City, has to ask for rise (6)
23 Is The Prisoner included with small screen pictures? (5)