Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 12 by Cincinnus



1Initially, a measure direct from the source (2,5,4)
7/28Start to explode (3,3)
9Second-in-command needs friends - they're precious (5)
10Fashionable fragrace, fundamentally (2,7)
11Object to article held by skilful one in court (9)
12Some tucked behind back of piano - forte of Bridget Riley (2,3)
13Retsina, when drunk, is not so nice (7)
15Fish, beef or grouse? (4)
18Supporter backing New York baseball team (4)
20Speak softly and be heart-broken (7)
23Beer mug for Gertrude (5)
24Plant an intelligence network (9)
26Warned about education (9)
27Lived in the past - that is to escape from the German world (5)
28See 7
29Basic details, pretty rhymes (5-6)

1Refraining from seeing Godiva in motion (8)
2Flounder, for example, in showy outfit (8)
3Take one Asian coin up (5)
4Polluted rain hit vanishing environment? (4,3)
5Germ-free - but in a month one gets cold! (7)
6Talk that's loose is so crude (9)
7Light shoe made of wood (6)
8Proceeded to delve into Tchaikovsky's first and last score (6)
14Camping upset no-one? That's the aim (9)
16Ear-piercing fish in southern river (8)
17Coin put in trust not long ago (8)
19French linesman: "I got man sent off" (7)
20Reportedly what shopaholics do eventually (2,3,2)
21Film about unknown Conservative leader, terribly posh (6)
22Check polish again (6)
25A bird you may see down under (5)