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Cryptic Crossword No. 15 by Cincinnus



1Astound a toxophilite - with cricket terms? (4,4)
5Unnatural note written in Old English recently (2,4)
9Immaculate places, including The Continental (8)
10Former partner sounds wistful, we hear, being cut off (6)
12Furnish egghead with clever remark (5)
13Gray's line about young runners (9)
14Cornish head to form monitor, for example? (6)
16Occupied with appearing comfortable and homely (5-2)
19Will crazy lovers take ecstasy and crack again? (7)
21Abroad I am almost the first member of a religious order (6)
23Capable of adjusting a round cushion on a piece of furniture (9)
25Charles may be shy (5)
26Beastly noise made in the centre of Norwich by Geordie's pet (6)
27Apart, yet involved in a social gathering (3,5)
28Complain about Middle East army deployment (6)
29Sad peers, sadly maligned (8)

1President's railroad measure (6)
2Crime stories: "Murder Hunt" and "Topped Widows" (9)
3Deck or dock (5)
4Only some universities say education is attempted (7)
6Fool put nothing in empty glass but wild flowers (9)
7Foreign article encapsulates story (5)
8Carol, perhaps, after regular service (8)
11Jack has trouble with pen (4)
15Suddenly note a call is disconnected (3,2,4)
17Cocktails provided by girl after laying out a quid (9)
18Manhattan thoroughfare - thoroughfare on which bandleader may be seen (8)
20Flower held by Samuel Beckett (4)
21Transport taking monarch south? Holy cow! (7)
22Approved sound tree support (6)
24It may be assumed an American feller takes Douglas's place (5)
25Police chase ending in spinney (5)