Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 16 by Cincinnus



1Laborious painting medium included in book (8)
5A poet's tiptop wine (6)
9Regent in play coming on to the stage (8)
10Feeble at home, requiring company (6)
12Jock and a mate dressed in revolutionary garb (3,6)
13Very merry (5)
14Addict from America getting series on TV (4)
16Movement of small popular singer around Australia (7)
19Get a hundred and twenty-four sheets (7)
21A vessel in the Java Sea (4)
24Notorious brothers, we hear, in fashion (5)
25Impractical sylph? (4-5)
27Mark letter from Greece about Trojan leader (6)
28Learning about downfall of part of France (8)
29Pocketing money, a relative protests (3-3)
30London borough or Hebridean island's leading actor (8)

1Female characters in Hamlet (6)
2Giant tortoise, oddly, ignored openings (6)
3Sennacherib's land as free country (5)
4Name change for Ron and Mike (7)
6Pirate's underwear (4,5)
7Mocking bird with lyre-shaped tail (8)
8Boche fighter's right to counter bosh (5-3)
11Regretful miss taking part in hypnotism (4)
15Pathetic drip means to become a superhero (9)
17Influential group, as in a mountainous region (8)
18A whimsical setting for Turner's first etching (8)
20Test for Northumberland town without aspirations (4)
21Observe members being long-winded (7)
22Polish - not middle European (6)
23My clue could be 'Ballroom where Aristotle taught' (6)
26Iron rim designed by physicist (5)