Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 17 by Cincinnus



1Artist wins election in town (12)
10Crook nearly caught breaking in - that's a crime (7)
11Swimmer causing row about original Plymouth boundaries? (7)
12Song for Thatcher (5)
13Endless salt water I'd taken back to South Island seaport (8)
15Mate drowns at sea, going with the current (10)
16Pirate taking part in pirates' meeting (4)
18Walton loses points as a singer (4)
20Investments one has confidence in? (4,6)
22Composing love poetry while in foreign lands (8)
24Neat eater ate plucked quail (5)
26Actually, an author's unfinished work is included (2,5)
27What's cooking? Copper is, in midfield (7)
28Get in hastily somehow without haste (12)

2Team up (7)
3Unnecessary indicators on top of stereo (8)
4Barks of trees? (4)
5An eccentric breeds rats or birds (10)
6Haul collected by Pole or Prussian lancer (5)
7Element discovered by humanoid initially, one in human form (7)
8Coal found in dark red suit (5,8)
9Turning up in Antwerp without sign on special occasions (13)
14Cause fight after graduate snatches some jewellery (5,5)
17Part of French battle (8)
19Glorious day and night for play (7)
21Duck observed on poster (7)
23Hose blows (5)
25Revolutionary article about China's capital is genuine (4)