Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 19 by Cincinnus



A bit of code getting left behind (6)
Line drawn on map is different motorway designation (8)
10 Change of scenery as required (9)
11 Spirit evinced by Marie Lloyd (5)
12 Bend little bits for the auditor (4)
13 Facetious remark from Labour leader accepted by working class (10)
15 Go downhill, perhaps, having brief conversation about place for down- and-outs (4,3)
16 Trashy work produced when Christopher goes to school (6)
19 A game, even though there's nothing in it (6)
21 Little woman has elbow jogged by man in street (3,4)
23 Case for the prosecution? (10)
25 Indian money once for woman unaffected by revolution (4)
27 Hired assassin? Excellent! (5)
28 Connoisseur of wine in swimming pool with Heine (9)
29 An Athenian with a bit of yellow metal (8)
30 Many practise religion and start on salvation (6)

Food for Friday in monastic environment not friar tuck? (8)
Outrageous Hebrew priest and European cardinal (9)
Peeresses ignoring odd language (4)
Fool about with singer of high notes (7)
Social gatherings in which a priest ate rolls (3,7)
Be with cricket team in test, lacking opener (5)
Asians suffering uneasiness, so we hear (6)
Beast totally taken in, being inexperienced (6)
14 Leader of battalion, encountering bad weather, has to come up with ideas (10)
17 Awfully nice environment for animal or plant (9)
18 Lacking hot weather on board, jerseys are needed (8)
20 Dots - new style in writing (3,4)
21 Dancing - including very popular dance (6)
22 Spanish explorer entertained by tribal boatmen (6)
24 Plan to get a hundred deer (5)
26 Work with petty officer or mate (4)