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Cryptic Crossword 26 by Cincinnus

crossword puzzle


1Avril's song (5,2,5)
10A lover of Troy compiled our list (7)
11Massage required by bishop having work-out? What rot! (7)
12Introduction to Aristophanes (5)
13Lefty bearing fruit chopped in half (8)
15Make false leader take the lead? (5,5)
16Move right after half past one (4)
18Piece of furniture incomplete until now (4)
20Clegg's pal's gone into action and gone off (10)
22Iris cans wild flowers (8)
24Proceed with minimum effort while in place of rest (5)
26Japanese pressure applied - USA hits out (7)
27Book not approved by sculptor or composer (7)
28Hurrah! sporty convertible for Percy (5,7)


2In right environment seedling's beginning to flourish (7)
3Unlucky, idle, flat broke (3-5)
4City centre welcoming Poles this month (4)
5Provider of coffee, cola, porter, rum (10)
6Capital for a bathroom fixture (5)
7Small news item showing what poodle parlour may do (7)
8Constancy of Stansted's safe-crackers (13)
9United Nations radio programme (3,5,2,3)
14Animal hide covering either end of stalls in cathedral (10)
17Gourmets put dog in eastern dishes (8)
19Provide dory, say, to carry posh sailors (7)
21Small animal going to university or prison (7)
23Season not starting with deposit in earth (5)
25Flower given by sweetheart to little brother (4)