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Cryptic Crossword 27 by Cincinnus

crossword puzzle


1Iris and June redressed wrongs (8)
5Country garden found after directions are given (6)
9Some computers kept DOS working with an additional bit of software (8)
10Philippic by Elizabeth describing old knights (6)
12Type of paving that's not all there (5)
13Regular income from letting? (9)
14Research scientist finding bad smell to counter bad smell (6)
16Style of art or craft involving love (7)
19One who won't face facts is so contrary though beginning to get wealthy (7)
21The profligate managed to acquire capital (6)
23War lord given room in front of conference centre? (9)
25Black pier (5)
26Cheat or rascal getting away with it? (3,3)
27Bible translation with note about song or prayer (3,5)
28Outlet from Australia established in New Zealand by the French (6)
29Needing gold for comparison, virtually (2,4,2)


1Charge for inclusion in certain dictionaries (6)
2More or less impartial before a contest (4,5)
3Mole's friend is irritable (5)
4Account for former partner taking flat (7)
6Northumbrian castle demonstrates its value after conflict with king (9)
7Depicted right in the beginning (5)
8Toad, missing Jack and Ed, talked idly (8)
11Fluent, giving rise to endless rubbish (4)
15Figurehead, legitimate but horrifying (9)
17Lodged after being 20 and 7? (9)
18A spectator playing no role. OK? (6-2)
20Barbarian and Greek unable to agree (4)
21Having even discarded T-shirt, saint does well (7)
22Shy man training birds (6)
24To shoot up in the shade (5)
2525 across elephant? (5)