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Cryptic Crossword 28 by Cincinnus

crossword puzzle


Overseas I encountered a dreadful green-eyed monster (8)
City in Greece (region in South Africa, initially) (6)
Time on isle for poet or actor (3-5)
10 Material I found in local outlet (6)
11 Egghead's character? It makes no difference (8)
12 Christmas decoration from Oxford Street in Selfridges (6)
14 Proud sex, i.e. complex play (7,3)
18 Be nutty - seek fast food (10)
22 Sit back like Heep and fall in a heap (6)
23 Harp semiquavers for angels? (8)
24 Handsome youth making fuss about offence (6)
25 Bachelor taking air trip to hotel in French resort (8)
26 Handle termination of voluntary agreement (6)
27 Men do not shiver in Alberta (8)


They try a book of the Bible (6)
Shelter for youth leader in a squalid neighbourhood (6)
Empty valise found in airport? That's too much! (6)
Fisherman, converted, makes neat priest (5,5)
A metal - or fruit containing a metal (8)
Restraint more than likely? Take cover again! (8)
Fit of fury when man embraces father on the Fourth of July (8)
13 A word, we hear, with the umpire (6,4)
15 Purloin precis (8)
16 Harry's first love clad in fur - Miss Granger (8)
17 David may be beginning to shake when held by fortune-teller (8)
19 Bob may be beginning to rattle or roll in Idaho settlement (6)
20 He is teetotal without being a believer (6)
21 Flower obtained from online store (6)