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Cryptic Crossword 32 by Cincinnus

crossword puzzle


1Intellectual elated by Blair's first argument (8)
5Wine obtained from pubs on account (6)
9Mischievous child made warm and dry after being injured (8)
10Bird with bellyache (6)
12Purdy is forced to stop talking (3,2)
13Occasion for reparation, formerly? (2,3,4)
14Fool and knave assent (6)
16The white book in French (7)
19Alcohol flowing in Athlone (7)
21Novelist from Eastern Europe (6)
23A shopping centre puts up rates (9)
25Animal with hair covering its head? (5)
26He's not crooked - just the opposite (6)
27Sheep needing attendants in storms (8)
28Poor lake stocked with silver fish (6)
29Being without religious education? Is that all? (8)


1Bob, for example, in musical celebration (6)
2Flier and agent turning up in gymnasium - both topped (5,4)
3An airship for the colonel (5)
4Alfresco setting in opera (4-3)
6Congenial get-together for eagle and bear (9)
7Arab with small car (5)
8Timid girl getting a hearing in state capital (8)
11/20Painting produced by a man with oils (4,4)
15Heads of state easily recognised after picture is seen in viewfinder (9)
17Essayist meaning to revise (9)
18Angels (sadly, not I) praise him (8)
20See 11
21Provide for spot after American Revolution (7)
22Reporter on sex change in Skye (6)
24Beast found in China and in Pennsylvania (5)
25Cheerleader has not finished month on island (5)