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Cryptic Crossword No. 1

crossword puzzle


7Applaud reactionary member's specious speeches (8)
9Soldier finding fish by a river (6)
10Throw caught a second time (4)
11Sort of green, getting map to recycle (10)
12Jug in refrigerator (6)
14Mobile phones or useless people (2-6)
15Originating tales about Clinton ordering Madeira and port in Washington (6)
17False hair Satan's first given to hag (6)
20Early start - thus going without newspapers and coffee (8)
22Central American Indians might answer briefly (6)
23No longer concerned with old-time nursing? (4,6)
24Coin circulating in the Midwest (4)
25Fortune derived from rich ancestors (6)
26Being slick is blessing in disguise (8)

1Go away or get hit round the lug (5,3)
2Petty quarrel about lights out (4)
3Shopkeeper sounding more offensive (6)
4Doctor Who following birds programme (4,4)
5Branch of medicine disconcerting to a shy poet (10)
6King Arthur's capital is seen by British queen and German emperor (6)
8Record turnover is not commonly a grievance (6)
13Tearing string passed through holes by sailor (10)
16Wrong metre in Keats' work (8)
18Last deer gets lion's share (8)
19Observing naught, missing something central (6)
21Mower's cut when wheat's chopped (6)
22Bird that is following mother and doctor (6)
24Duke taking up wildebeest droppings (4)