Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 2


5Mum is ebbing fast (6)
6Tender touch making troubles start to subside (6)
9Only thus I agree (4,2)
10Plain gold coin, capital in Yugoslavia (8)
11Hairdo for a model (4)
12London thoroughfare linked with Bond Street? (6,4)
13Ignoring death, having reached the other side (7,4)
18Get beneath bear (10)
21Shape of zero value (4)
22Predict tollfree transport (8)
23V-sign is subject to change (6)
24Habitual drunkard importing can- opener from Liverpool (6)
25Under-cover theologian restraining crime (6)

1God, entertained by prayer, provides superfluity (8)
2A small deduction that's unique (3-3)
3Sea-dog in ruined naval base (3,5)
4The gutter or the doghouse (6)
5Material you start to find dull (6)
7The time for sprouting and skipping out? (6)
8Rabbits and cats toil not but spin (11)
14Narrative device American writers revealed in some explanatory introductions (8)
15Acts of self-aggrandisement, say, turning to tears (3-5)
16Nettles making a sound we can hear (6)
17Part of a gendarme: the butt (3,3)
19New ore, fresh but previously old- fashioned (6)
20Sundry birds (6)