Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 3


5School has head of drama put away (6)
6Fabricate cosmetics (4-2)
9Hounds cross river (6)
10Hands brought in to spread tar on deck (8)
11TV doctor comes to a stop (4)
12Grant for student show (10)
13Newspapers, without a tough editor, may be in difficulties (4-7)
18Not involved with many fools (10)
21William Blake's foot (4)
22Problems with Yeltsin's heart and his circulation (8)
23Gold dish out for trial (6)
24Quote yours truly about medicine making you sick (6)
25Agree to hold mushroom in play (6)

1Unfinished dessert also known as savoury dish (8)
2A scene that's spirited? (6)
3Sort of basin next to to tin pot (8)
4A mathematician has to offer mathematical content (6)
5Missing heart should appear - it's looked for (6)
7Write short name on long flag (6)
8Pantomime - witticism, therefore, in tights (6,5)
14Like some plans for putting Scottish flower on Highland dress (4-4)
15Wicked one veiled or camouflaged (8)
16Seaside attraction concerning Peter French (6)
17Make known I belong (6)
19Fruit crops (6)
20Pet: small, low, honoured companion (6)