Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 5


Alarm about tax that's favoured (6)
At sea or by sea see weed (7)
Time off for negligent one aboard (9)
10 Open wide to swallow a bit of ripe fruit (5)
11 Edwin makes duke cross (5)
12 Quite lifeless under the influence of drugs, he had no aspirations (5-4)
13 Resort for lads in Greater Manchester? That will make a girl cross! (7)
15 Greek islander about to be caught (6)
17 Peach discovered in street outside Ulster church (6)
19 Literary doctor, author of Biggles books, has to get working (7)
22 Tree turned with spanner in Surrey (9)
24 Artist's club in capital city (5)
26 One side of the page a clergyman doesn't finish (5)
27 State fair lacking a tree (6,3)
28 Support group's first check (7)
29 Musical Mel drops out - that's abominable (6)

Long angry speeches about one's deals (7)
Jazz group formed by band leader in Italian resort (5)
Batting team dismissed thoroughly (6-3)
Asian capital managed by board (7)
Proceed without a break in these guesthouses (5)
Innocent lambs, eels wriggling (9)
Stops fighting bears (6)
Not seen but heard in light fog? (6)
14 Chat with Dylan about transport for salt of the earth? (4,5)
16 Novelist Christopher Robin's home on island (9)
18 Fish tricked by weed (7)
19 The first person in France, before the introduction of democracy, is mocked (6)
20 Tea urns reveal their true characters (7)
21 Part of the armoury of the crossword setter? (6)
23 German approval given to port wine (5)
25 Comic part in opera - in bare skin, with nothing on (5)