Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 7


5Bird seen on migration in Tresco? (6)
6Birds presented with bill for geranium (6)
9Bird with bellyache (6)
10Giddy dove circling another bird in the air (8)
11A bird - or to put it another way, birds (4)
12An eccentric breeds rats or birds (10)
13Wrong note in port for sea-bird (7,4)
18Bird going round town centre to cinema providing animal shelter (4,6)
21Kill two birds with one stone - that includes birds' birthplace (4)
22Bird seen on street in perambulator (8)
23A bird has to mount it (6)
24Wine for a bird (6)
25Ruth or Rachel's first bird (6)

1Couple at work have sex (8)
2Space traveller revealed by start of oscillation in measuring instrument (6)
325 of knitted jumper (4,4)
4Girl's three articles (6)
5Bird may be hitch for hikers (6)
7Harebrained puss in pigpen (6)
8What Elvis sang about - and where, too (6,5)
14Mocking bird with lyre-shaped tail (8)
15Outstanding feature of landscape - as well as mountain top circled by bird (8)
16It's characteristic of a twitcher to follow the author of "The Raven" describing "The Raven" (6)
17A beast of burden is the first to help (6)
19River in southern highlands floods (6)
20Spice Girls debut, having first met U.N. assembly (6)