Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 12


5On a plank (6)
6Material for Conrad novel (6)
9So slim, mobile and supple (6)
10Comfortable filling, despite appearances? (4,4)
11Solid wood with marble top (4)
12Allotment site behind health centre (10)
13Submarine was first with rust protection (11)
18Talk with heartless lady - or vice versa (10)
21Ladies' fingers acceptable to artist (4)
22Amount given back to younger son to produce wine (8)
23Issue anaesthetic (6)
24Garments Carthaginian leader introduced to African city (6)
25In France I am almost on time for priest (6)

1Viking invader overrunning south- east (8)
2Illegal activity by first army in 1850s war zone (6)
3Naval ice breaker in Spanish city (8)
4Revolutionary trend - Roman Catholic belief (6)
5Defences of a large bird (6)
7Unit of force giving appearance of weight in light gas (6)
8We're young people, so let's dance madly (11)
14Mythical wife evincing regret about early end to game (8)
15Huge portion of sauerbraten or moussaka (8)
16Place and time for migratory insect (6)
17Primitive man demanding immediate attention (6)
19Empty container placed inside another (6)
20Withdrawn American editor (6)