Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 18


5A Labour leader takes many shares out (6)
6Tanner's gat (6)
9In Paris enemies have emerged (6)
10Men circumnavigating 504 islands (8)
11Stocking filler for a little beast (4)
12Cotton sari crumpled in drawer (10)
13Row for a change about Conservative leader (11)
18Source of article in part of France (10)
21Almost regretting destruction (4)
22Tea and pieces of pitta bread (8)
23Vaulting ambition involves a piece of gamesmanship (6)
24Undiluted sound in passage (6)
25First-class men required as spies (6)

1Composer with bad flu is perfectly happy (8)
2Without stress, add one hundred to one hundred. (13) (6)
3Do one's best to be objective with yobbo (2,3,3)
4Director's call for fighting. (13) (6)
5A broken rib and a gashed head? This should prevent that (3,3)
7The majority of Stevenson's letters are all the same (4,2)
8Recipe mania may be the source of a popular song (8,3)
14A German saint and a German physicist (8)
15In custody pending trial one man died protecting ringleader (2,6)
16Members of a priestly caste drop in to see a composer (6)
17Neil is drunk and stays in bed (3-3)
19Queen surrounded by brass snakes (6)
20Pledge oneself to come into battle (6)