Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 22


Funny man using martial art on doctor of divinity (3,4)
Paths laid out over a large pitch (7)
10 Composer given introductions to Busoni, Elgar, Ravel and Grieg (4)
11 Newspaper getting money that's prayed for (5,5)
12 County containing upper-class resorts (6)
13 Write to nag about military headquarters (8)
14/25 Dread sex manual translated by French author (9,5)
16 Moment that's doubtful on the first of January (5)
17 Wood has award sent back to New York (5)
19 A Greek king soon brought about plucky Ilium's end (9)
23 Persistently question North African about where medicinal waters are dispensed (4,4)
24 Like Croesus completely, Diana only partly (6)
26 It's too far from the stove (3,2,5)
27 Muses intially help poetic young woman (4)
28 One who doesn't believe he is in a race (7)
29 Almost half of retailers imported wrong wine (7)

"You can see with this!" I shout to the auditor (7)
Start to eat and drink after I'd given up (3,2)
Carroll really has to avoid losing last child (7)
Saw, for example, in front of garage (6)
Flora preserved the metal she has ... (9)
... to start with metal not available (4,3)
Speaking slightingly of mad gent, praise eccentricity (13)
15 Phone box designed for one who hates foreigners (9)
18 Favourable comment elicited by the scent of wine? (7)
20 Extra cover for porky dramatist (7)
21 Speech made by opposition leader on official allowance (7)
22 Beautiful young women serving time on islands (6)
25 See 14 Across