Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 24


5See birds with bread (6)
6Almost ten cents - that's how much is needed for Chinese food (3,3)
9Upper class officer shot (6)
10Father with pathetic girl in a California city (8)
11Star going round in luggage van (4)
12No other ark made land (5,5)
13Lack of shelter I depend on? Only in part (3,8)
18Crisp notes corrupting policemen (10)
21Clever learner in Lincoln (4)
22Instruments employed by one beginning to cultivate a vegetable (8)
23Support the rear at the front (6)
24Fortune's arms for little birds with no go (6)
25Ejected ticket seller turned up first (3,3)

1Capital - not for investment in pudding (8)
2Scots know about no African (6)
3Dog legs taken by actress and singer (8)
4Did Sue and Dot dash off? (4,2)
5One hears principal songs (6)
7Soldiers capturing more than half of India in 1759 battle (6)
8Working over time is not compulsory (11)
14Art works: topless things and other things on top (8)
15Game played by kids in meadow for recreation - without parental guidance (8)
16Prologues from Icelandic, Norse tales, Russian or Swedish prologues (6)
17The colour of treacle that's not quite off (6)
19Forgo one's turn - one's here and there (6)
20Tame naval vessel expected (6)