Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 26


1Mr Cruise takes a cruise initially on one river, then another (7)
5Some milk I left for a duck (7)
9It's not fair to mourn (5)
10Wearing a metal jacket, one gets no back injuries (9)
11Drunk, after drink, is unassailable (10)
12Petty Officer with navy blue material (4)
14A recruit on a base? Not at all! (2,9)
18Noted Spanish gypsy taking tea break - one caught by service provider (3,8)
21Vessels a Scottish poet topped (4)
22A paid athlete has to go down deeper (10)
25Match at sea in sea film (9)
26Country where native leader is seen in Roman costume (5)
27Do spies change place suitably? (7)
28Piece of mosaic Greek god put back (7)

1Father waits outside for fruit (6)
2Short treatises about street transport (6)
3Psychic worker going underground without fear (4-6)
4Animal taking cover on island (5)
5Dolly bird entered temple (9)
6Regency architect from the north remains (4)
7A game soldier taking arrowhead for self-defence (8)
8Spartan commander given only half a tool (8)
13Mythical murderer misleading court and press (10)
15Ragged cheer once needed sticking together (9)
16Damned prosecutor finally smothered by one on trial (8)
17Chess expert losing three family members (8)
19Part of a wooden seat from Hans Christian Anderson's birthplace (6)
20Prepare girl for battle with the fleet (6)
23Fair odds allowed for a piece of meat (5)
24Hairstyle for revolutionary or sportsmen (4)