Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 28


1Storybook character turned out bad and, emerging, ran (11,3)
9Blocks or seats for rowers (7)
10Was diet confused with sex? (7)
11Making a little ballerina nervous is foolish (5)
12Order member's compass in sultanate (9)
13Course taken by each learner - it's held by the Lord Chancellor (5,4)
14Bar food in South American hotel and holiday centre ... (5)
15... like crab that's cold? (5)
17Two relatives I've brought back from a Himalayan peak (5,4)
20Hegel's interpretive method, in a manner of speaking, taking one chapter (9)
22Pope's crown one found in place of Irish kings (5)
23Leading question, perhaps - to which wet hero at sea? (7)
24Rock singer is the French number one after learning ... (7)
25... material composed for guitar on record (10,4)

1Solving this may be depressing (7,3,4)
2Prison novel initially giving Archer total exposure (7)
3Home established in primitive setting with determination (9)
4Coe runs up with sack made to measure (7)
5Look on as I shout for the auditor (7)
6Having part of body in grave? One foot? (5)
7A goddess losing heart, having encountered gunners shooting up (7)
8One making divine carry New Testament driving licence, say (14)
14Exhausted character who's mad about, primarily, secondary education (9)
16It has no pharmacological effect on rank body odour (7)
17Number at wit's end with hunger for a short while (3,4)
18Spoon allowed as personal adornment (7)
19One who facilitates inclusion of inalienable rights (7)
21Islamic leader always poetical about Middle East (5)