Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 29


1Copper gets bawdy post intended for clergyman (6)
4Use soft soap - it's not so lumpy (7)
9Prepared to be crazy before daybreak (4,5)
10Italy is sheltering Doctor King, ousted by Gaddafi (5)
11Homework, perhaps, heads of schools always read aloud (5)
12Shopping, including tea bags (9)
13Three-lobed ornament for tile design (7)
15Minister soft on crime (6)
17Is there a soupçon of pique because the French lost this in 1759? (6)
19Cobblers pursue proctor's assistant (7)
22Craft of Venezia, fore and aft, on an Italian river taking aquatic creature back (9)
24Bill in America loves Prohibition (5)
26Poles suffer invasion - they're hammered! (5)
27Roman writer or Roman leader in college embraced by pope (9)
28This might be raised by the disdainful Cockney intellectual, we hear (7)
29One who had stable employment in the east of Germany left with a hesitant expression (6)

1How the French make remarks? (7)
2Ways through the woods are free ways (5)
3Wretch going by railway to search for a grooming aid (5-4)
4Knowing about some insectivorous plant (7)
5Around Michigan, remains of a strictly old-fashioned sect (5)
6Beginning to do farm work - and getting on with it (9)
7Stand up to relax, sit in falling short (6)
8Fish meal oddly rejected - but, apart from the stigma, it has style (6)
14Outfit on French river as a counterbalance (9)
16Joy comes between Rex and small family (9)
18Dupe in musical about phone technology (4-3)
19Game of chance after bishop gets hopelessly drunk (6)
20Ranker or shopkeeper, to the auditor (7)
21He's ejected from heaven then uses Eve initially as a means of approach (6)
23This part of stair is erect (5)
25Book associated with running water and fish (5)