Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 31


9. Set for scan and playback
10. Yoko has no news about being solo
11. Before start of race punter is richer
12. Get rid of 500 yen
13. A Swiss city takes in one Italian artist
15. Crazy blunders involving knucklehead
17. Airy fairy?
18. Not quite a royal family
20. Exemplary poser
22. Transport me with large hamper
25. Paddy has so much French spirit
26. Shoot a descendant
27. Colour that's in, in inn in France
30. Plastic switch needed for telephony
31. A star of professional golf

1. Lacklustre send-up of Shakespeare
2. Country work that's also part recreation
3. Twenty pence contribution? That's kind!
4. Robert Oppenheimer's first association with a songbird
5. Deceive with terrific talk
6. I am England's new star
7. German writer introducing German article about Old English
8. Advance slowly and cautiously or steal quietly away
13. Prince finally among the crème de la crème. Harry?
14. Heartlessness and senselessness about olfactory offensiveness
16. Port in northern Massachusetts, beer in southern Massachusetts, initially
19. Worthies revealing why schoolchildren are innumerate?
21. Wendy's family pets
23. Failed move away from home
24. Well-heeled or well-oiled? Such a question is unfair
26. Silly ass holding head of pin for pinheads
28. It's five and a half yards, going round one way
29. Fish see reflection over lake