Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 32


1. Adjustment is required to circumvent many a dispute
9. Soon each French city accepts recipe
10. Newborn issue given Welsh name
11. Free - as air or melody?
12. Shrewd congressman's first article on the state of Albany
13. Very pale blue or green flower
14. A little dog - perhaps one plays with it
16. Fleshy feature - Dublin Echo spread?
19. In France who quietly delivers a bon mot?
20. Prepared for scan on the fourth of July
21. Bill's partner, with new diet, consumed 84 starters - and felt better as a result
23. Prolong a short trip abroad
24. Chairman's back with directors in passage
25. Latin and Greek races

1. Rural guilt I cast off as a farmer
2. A South American weasel (it's in the dictionary, at the back)
3. Nick has to come across
4. Songs of sunrise demanded in Australia
5. Remove wrinkles from head of cabin boy in ship
6. Currently employed, they give no possibility of success
7. Rudder's astern, as it may be on a packet
8. Voltaire, say - deep cynic lost at sea
15. Sword in Rome forged by Cassius
17. Copper and aluminium encasing part of the forearm
18. It's good to have had a long life
22. A physicist starts to find Einsteinian relativity more involved