Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 33


1. Flocks of birds around Land's End
4. Independent leader in sabre- rattling state
9. I'm in the French capital
10. Father Ted, entertaining affected queen, may be patronised
11. Gum or nuts one started chewing
12. Cart overturned on slope where knights jousted
13. Worthless recital commencing with Nicolai and Offenbach overtures
15. Attempt to cover front of neck with tie
16. Fish - without water, without oxygen
17. Child attending comprehensive gets good mark for addition
21. Propose to a patient man in a fix
22. Grant immunity to parliamentarian taking shelter in city abandoned by monarch
24. Teach grizzly relative to apply a little dye
25. Fit to run across
26. The Outlaw - a Greek or Egyptian citizen
27. A pole that's round, with poles on decks

1. Marx hoarding silver in the city
2. Oils first used on some paintings by Bridget Riley, for example
3. In effect, an old author's unfinished work is penetrating
5. Peers squeal when reformed
6. One of Hefner's playmates - Jane Doe?
7. A word spoken in a German accent, so it's alleged
8. Pie town, memorably
14. Motor bought initially by a relative is a gem
16. Central feature of unbuttoned garment
18. Dead men chopped and changed
19. Sprog's claws
20. Native Americans from Ohio refuse to go on to Washington
23. Gantry in American fiction (and in novel merchandising)