Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 34


1. Capital sum a lender's first withdrawn from Italy or Monaco?
8. What designer has put into slit dress?
9. Driver missing in military action
11. Ball thrown by essayist may be found in bed
12. Timeless weapons for feudal military commanders
13. Mourning song starting and ending evensong in cathedral
14. Henry left Theresa outside - that's not appreciated
16. A flower that's yellow and black, say, is given a prize
19. Conductor featured in The Sun with a couple of timpanists
21. Saint in front of station inside the city walls ...
23. ... saint with first-class return for the country
24. Top bowler?
25. Gear in street and lane, not an item in an alley
26. Champions of the aristocracy

1. Docile and quiet subject
2. In a perfect world I do business and play alternately
3. Medicine a girl found on a lorry
4. Puppets making pledges
5. Record leads to Lohengrin's orginal German libretto
6. Shaving the head is in fashion, certainly
7. Byers sell-out affected current transport
10. Test acid user, possibly, given a quick fix?
15. Dismay about curtailed increase in salary review
17. Capital leads to totalitarian bourgeois imperialism losing its social infrastructure
18. Alcohol is flowing in Athlone
19. Magnificent tree planted by newspaper employee
20. Medicine was our bond, we hear
22. Bridge player taking unorthodox part