Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 36


1. Raw meat treats - karate chops?
8. Scrap containing plug holes may be produced with this
9. Crooked-looking prime minister not quite shutting up last of opposition
11. 1 given to one in Birmingham for a drug
12. Effete blockbuster direction
13. Poison? Sound the alarm
14. Religious teacher taking duck from zoo - a bird to put in the oven?
16. Clear round left one unconscious
19. Fourpence for a little roll covered with butter
21. Perfectly peaceful parts of Piccadilly, not needing a PC
23. Reading half of a Scott novel, notice central characters are mechanical
24. They're hard workers, those in the city of Paris
25. A southwest state and a northeast state backing midland Australia?
26. Let star liner make such a voyage in SF

1. "Speaker's Platform", a programme on TV
2. Set in Ulster, love story all about high spirits
3. Priest taking musical toy round city in Michigan
4. Saw girl, huge, being cut in half
5. Abandoned ale, quit liquor
6. Intend to appear in torn dress
7. Initial boost recollected by one with end in sight
10. Action? There I may be misplaced, being an impractical type
15. Turn up again, with couple from Redondo Beach and expert on board?
17. Relinquish store in cellar
18. Five having bad time - more than Hamlet?
19. Angel making girl eat cheese
20. Second in command, extremely upset and cross about being in the open air
22. Legal expenses for Greek island that's evacuated Turks?