Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 37


1Just how Lady Godiva rode (6)
4Bore passed by a majority (7)
9A roll containing a slice of tomato with bits of lettuce - a mere trifle (9)
10Cleaners don't have gents to check (5)
11Deposit in earth yielding nitre (5)
12Pair of glasses, say, for unfaithful partners (3-6)
13Clothes were first mangled (7)
15A little mollusc: it crawls backwards in the ocean (6)
17Material, we hear, had influence (6)
19Off colour near this joint (7)
22Picture oddly smeary in viewfinder (9)
24Characters first seen in Kyushu and neighbouring Japanese islands (5)
26Tripoli's last doctor is to join Tripoli's last king (5)
27I may ring a wrong sort of number (9)
28They recruited a young man for a women's magazine (3,4)
29A soldier overhauled latrines in cold blockhouses (6)

1Hope and Crosby rising and falling (7)
2Dexter's prerogative (5)
3How to get across, like the USA in 1917 and 1941? (9)
4A violin more can play (7)
5Leaders from Rome attended debate in Ischia: more than one spoke (5)
6Well dressed for the meet (2,3,4)
7Compulsion making half of us get stuck into curry (6)
8Blew notes? Groovy! (6)
14Ruined tower near mountain ash (5,4)
16Charles and Heather are obviously amused (9)
18Lot of Tyneside, not completely new (7)
19Language of the East used in a sacred book (6)
20Avenging spirits in Greece or Ireland? Certainly! (7)
21Small child holding small rock (6)
23Confounded sailing (2,3)
25Marsh associated with detective stories set in Goa (5)