Best for Puzzles

Cryptic Crossword No. 39


Crew in a fight - possibly given employment in the Blitz (4-8)
Tiny lad cast in stone? That's the best one can hope for (7)
Goddess using force to feed animals? (7)
11 English woods producing fiddlesticks! (7)
12 A stein is brought round after the last of the summer wine (7)
13 To take a king away, duke also must be carried (5)
14 Ready for war in pits? (5,4)
16 Conductor and professor wouldn't stop talking (7,2)
19 A light neither fore nor aft? (5)
21 Profane love - at one remove (7)
23 Four or six in rehearsal? That's not important (7)
24 Engaged in daring activities like bonsai? (7)
25 Like Sappho, born in an isle abroad (7)
26 Trees oft hewn in Hants? (3,3,6)

Suitable match for survivors? (7)
Poet having the edge when it comes to speed of transmission (7)
A dog that's large, beginning to fill house, gets turned out (9)
In Versailles you stick up for the royal family (5)
Writing concealed by heart-rending caged creature (7)
Like a professor in the cinema, but more so? Teachers bank on it (7)
What resurrectionists do about Queen Margaret's last poet (6,6)
10 Getting together again - like outside, like inside (12)
15 Verdi's fourth opera - about an upstanding sculptor (9)
17 Spooner's low bit is over the top (3,4)
18 Pressurised nitrogen stored under shed (5,2)
19 A paper product in dispute (2,5)
20 No democrat wants one's title changed (7)
22 Provide for party in various ways, as does the sparrow or the crow (5)