Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 1


The play that Abraham Lincoln was watching when he was assassinated (3,8,6)
10 An estate landowner in Scotland (5)
11 The former name of Suriname, prior to independence (5,6)
12 City cleared of rats (and children) by the Pied Piper (7)
13 Doctrine promoting cooperation and better understanding among religious denominations (9)
14 One-sixtieth of a fluid drachm (5)
15 People who study ancient inscriptions (11)
18 Winner of the Booker Prize in 1970 for "The Elected Member" (7,6)
21 Mongol conqueror of Central Asia (7,4)
22 A song or hymn of mourning (5)
24 Argot involving the reversal of the letters in words (4,5)
27 Planet with a Great Red Spot (7)
28 A deficiency of diversity (11)
29 Virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon (5)
30 Schubert's String Quartet No. 14 in D Minor (5,3,3,6)

Musical featuring the song "I Can't Say No" (8)
Film for which director Barry Levinson won an Oscar in 1989 (4,3)
Classic 19th century novel subtitled "A Study of Provincial Life" (11)
Scupltor whose works include Le Baiser and Le Penseur (5)
German-born empress of Russia, notorious for amorous intrigues (9,3,5)
The first prime minister of the Republic of India (5)
Structure in seed-bearing plants that develops into a seed after fertilisation (5)
Japanese three-stringed guitar- like instruments (9)
Incident in which two vehicles narrowly avoid collision (4,4)
15 Poems celebrating the achievements of heroic individuals (5)
16 Normandy city that was the birthplace of Gustave Flaubert (5)
17 Temporary projections of the protoplasm of certain one-celled organisms for locomotion or feeding (11)
18 Strong white porcelain invented by Josiah Spode at the end of the 18th century (4,5)
19 Unable to lay (3-5)
20 Red-skinned long-keeping variety of apple (8)
23 English county, of which Oakham is the county town (7)
25 Slow-moving arboreal mammal of South and Central America (5)
26 Middle East capital known as Philadelphia in the Roman and Byzantine periods (5)
27 The father of Israel's King David (5)