Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 3


1. The author of "The Autobiography of Mark Rutherford" (7,4,5)
10. Egyptian god usually represented with the head of a jackal (6)
11. A small compartment for papers etc., as in a bureau (10)
12. Latin phrase meaning "from the beginning" (2,6)
13. One whose existence is officially denied or ignored (8)
14. Medieval tilting target (8)
16. Wine containing aromatic herbs and other flavourings (8)
17. Island in the Dodecanese, associated in ancient times with Hippocrates, 'the father of medicine' (3)
19. City in which the television series "Frasier" is set (7)
21. Acronym for the underlying system software on many PC's (3)
23. Part of a U.S. prison for those awaiting capital punishment (5,3)
26. One appointed by a testator to carry out the wishes expressed in his or her will (8)
28. Frothy concoction of milk or cream curdled, as with wine, and spiced (8)
29. A short relatively light gun for the high-angle firing of shells at a low velocity (8)
30. Apparatus for drying milk, fruit, etc. (10)
31. Member of an ancient Greek people who settled in eastern Greece and western Asia Minor (6)
32. Wife of a U.S. president, renowned as a humanitarian and U.N. delegate (7,9)

2. 1976 Winter Olympic Games venue (9)
3. Middle East country where French, Kurdish and Armenian are spoken, in addition to Arabic (7)
4. Dogs also known as German shepherds (9)
5. Roman colony in North Africa where St. Augustine was bishop (5)
6. A very hard wood with an aromatic scent (6,5)
7. A large migratory swan with a distinctive loud cry (7)
8. Novelist on whose stories the musical "Cabaret" was based (9)
9. Freshwater fish also known as the burbot (7)
15. Eminent American lexicographer born in 1758 (4,7)
18. Any celestial body orbiting a planet or star (9)
20. Alpine plant with downy leaves and small flower heads held in stars of glistening whitish bracts (9)
22. Sobriquet of Confederate general Thomas Jonathan Jackson (9)
24. Having the characteristics of both sexes (7)
25. River crossed by Julius Caesar in 49 BC, precipitating civil war in Rome (7)
27. British actor and dramatist who wrote an autobiography entitled "Dear Me" (7)
29. The name by which Adolf Marx is better known (5)