Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 7


1. Island republic in the West Indies, off the northeastern coast of Venezuela (8,3,6)
10. Spectacles with lenses combining distant- and near-vision sections (8)
11. Blood vessels carrying blood from the heart (8)
12. The doctrines promoted by religious mystic Helena Blavatsky (9)
13. A tortilla fried crisp and sprinkled with onion, chili peppers, grated cheese or meat (7)
15. A person opposed to something or someone (4)
17. American Neoclassical sculptor best remembered for his "Greek Slave" (5,6)
19. Sending numerous unsolicited e- mails (8)
20. Puccini's last opera, left unfinished at his death (8)
22. Part of Czechoslovakia annexed by Germany in 1938 (11)
24. A Christmas carol (4)
26. Young hens less than one year old (7)
27. Stout-bodied domesticated cavy often kept as a pet (6,3)
30. Poisonous alkaloid found in deadly nightshade (8)
31. In Spanish-speaking countries, an estate including a house (8)
32. Naval engagement of 1805 in which Nelson was mortally wounded (6,2,9)

2. Austrian pychoanalyst who invented the 'orgone accumulator' (5)
3. A newly invented word or phrase (9)
4. Cleric ranking just below a priest in episcopal churches (6)
5. Introductory opera in Wagner's Ring Cycle (3,9)
6. In the Bible, the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth (4)
7. National Trust property near Knutsford in Cheshire (6,4)
8. Surname of the author of "A Kind of Loving" (7)
9. A deciduous shrub of the honeysuckle family with creamy- white flowers (7,4)
14. German monk who played a leading part in the Reformation (6,6)
16. The point of highest attainment (2,4,5)
18. French decorative and artistic style of the 1790s (10)
21. A person or thing having no equal (9)
23. Freshwater fish also known as the burbot (7)
25. Agency of the United Nations responsible for programs to aid education in developing countries (6)
28. Country with the world's third-largest Muslim population (5)
29. One who is bound to the land and owned by a feudal lord (4)