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Polymath Crossword No. 8


1. Author of the novel "The God of Small Things", winner of the Booker Prize in 1997 (9,3)
7. The lower part of an interior wall when faced or coloured differently from the upper part (4)
11. The county town of Norfolk (7)
12. Greek dramatist who wrote "Oedipus Tyrannus" (9)
13. A heavy wooden shoe, with an upturned pointed toe, traditionally worn in the Netherlands (4)
14. An inference or conclusion not logically following from the premisses (3,8)
16. The former Yugoslav republic whose capital is Zagreb (7)
17. Elementary particles with the same mass as electrons and a numerically equal but positive charge (9)
18. A type of maize porridge eaten in east and central Africa (5)
20. American composer and bandmaster who composed over a hundred popular marches (5)
22. In biology, taxonomic groups ranking above classes and below kingdoms (5)
24. An official inquiry to establish need before assistance is given from public funds (5,4)
27. A concave plastic disc used in a throwing and catching game (7)
29. A person elected by union members to represent them in dealings with management (4,7)
31. A long strip of fabric worn over one shoulder or round the waist (4)
33. A figure in square dancing in which adjacent dancers link arms or join or touch hands and make a full or partial turn (9)
34. Country in the western Pacific, formerly the Condominium of the New Hebrides (7)
35. American tennis player who defeated Connors to win Wimbledon in 1975 (4)
36. Cross-country running and route- finding aided by map and compass (12)

1. River crossed by the Ponte Vecchio (4)
2. French painter, born in 1883, renowned for street scenes of Montmartre (7)
3. A wild ass of a subspecies native to the Tibetan plateau (9)
4. Main opponents of the Spartans in the Peloponnesian War (9)
5. Norwegian playwright whose last play was "When We Dead Awaken" (5)
6. A great musician, in Greek mythology, who tried to reclaim his wife from Hades (7)
8. The existence in the same state of more than one form of the same element with different properties (9)
9. The period of a female animalís readiness to mate (7)
10. The fruit of a tree native to China and Japan - also called Japanese medlar (6)
15. Light fawn colour, as of unbleached linen (4)
17. A piece of moulded or impressed glass attached as an ornament to a glass vessel (5)
19. A Shi'ite religious leader in Iran (9)
21. A written statement, confirmed by oath, to be used as evidence (9)
22. A showjumping competition testing a horseís ability to jump large obstacles (9)
23. The Greek god of war (4)
24. A cosmetic for darkening and colouring the eyelashes (7)
25. An African plant widely grown in the tropics, producing seeds used as food and yielding an edible oil (6)
26. Name shared by the wives of Henry II, Henry III and Edward I of England (7)
28. A kind of long-grain Indian rice, with a delicate nutty flavour (7)
30. The white poplar, Populus alba (5)
32. The ruling Chinese dynasty from AD 960 to 1279 (4)