Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 9


1. A quick ballroom dance based on a Latin American style of marching (4,5)
6. Day of rest and religious observance (7)
10. British car company founded by Colin Chapman in 1952 (5)
11. One who mechanically agrees to others' actions (6,5)
12. The capital of Kenya (7)
13. One's former school, college or university (4,5)
14. Sister of Goneril and Cordelia (5)
15. A stringed instrument producing musical sounds on exposure to a current of air (7,4)
18. French thinker who published his ideas on education in "Émile" and put his five children in a foundling hospital (8)
19. South American tree from the bark of which quinine is extracted (8)
22. The use of a word in mistake for one sounding similar, to comic effect (11)
24. A three-crowned diadem worn by a pope (5)
26. The second stomach of a ruminant (9)
29. A reckless or inconsiderate motorist (4,3)
30. Former name of the Malaysian state of Sabah (5,6)
31. A small brown-furred carnivore related to the marten (5)
32. Tonic spasm of the jaw muscles causing the mouth to remain tightly closed (7)
33. Inhabitants of an Greek city in Asia Minor to whom St. Paul addressed an epistle (9)

1. A type of lager of Czech origin (7)
2. Dakota Sioux leader at the battle of the Little Big Horn (7,4)
3. The state capital of Iowa (3,6)
4. Landlocked African country whose capital is Ouagadougou (7,4)
5. Portray conspicuously, as on a heraldic shield (8)
6. The gaseous form of water (5)
7. The bridegroom's chief attendant at a wedding (4,3)
8. In the stern half of a ship (5)
9. The condition of having long sight (9)
16. Author of the novel "A Severed Head" (4,7)
17. Irrational fear of open spaces (11)
18. 17th century Dutch artist, painter of "The Night Watch" (9)
20. Purification of the emotions by vicarious experience, especially through drama (9)
21. Material given a sparkling effect by means of artificial gems, powdered crystal, etc. (8)
23. London area in which the TV comedy "Only Fools and Horses" is set (7)
25. North African port that was the headquarters of the French provisional government during World War II (7)
27. The ceremonial gateway of a Japanese Shinto shrine (5)
28. French industrial city founded by the Romans in AD 43 as Lugdunum (5)