Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 11


1. A system whereby goods are paid for in bulk and taken away personally (4,3,5)
7. The winning of every trick in a game of cards (4)
11. A small restaurant providing drinks and light refreshments (3,4)
12. A police officer below a superintendent and above a sergeant in rank (9)
13. An early text book of astrology and alchemy (8)
14. Island on which American and Japanese troops fought in 1945 (3,4)
16. Ironical understatement, especially the expressing of an affirmative by the negative of its contrary (7)
17. Daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn (9)
18. 34th President of the United States (6,1,10)
22. One with a soft round build of body and a high proportion of fat tissue (9)
25. Short-handled farming tools used for reaping, lopping, or trimming (7)
27. Small crisp batter-cakes eaten hot with syrup, butter, etc. (7)
28. A circle of constant longitude, passing through a given place and the terrestrial poles (8)
30. A female hermit (9)
31. An antigenic preparation used to stimulate the production of antibodies (7)
32. A Japanese musical instrument with thirteen silk strings (4)
33. The decomposition of a substance by the application of an electric current (12)

1. Roman statesman and orator known as 'the Censor' (4)
2. An Italian composer who wrote nearly 120 operas - or his son who wrote over 600 harpsichord sonatas (9)
3. Across the course or direction of (7)
4. Suffering from a state of extreme dejection or melancholy (9)
5. Musical featuring the song Send In The Clowns (1,6,5,5)
6. Composer of the opera L'Italiana in Algeri (7)
8. A regular periodic arrangement of atoms, ions, or molecules in a crystalline solid (7)
9. Austrian empress, mother of Marie Antoinette (5,7)
10. A tomblike monument to a dead person whose body is elsewhere (8)
15. A common brown seaweed with fronds containing air bubbles which give buoyancy (12)
19. The capital of Bermuda (8)
20. Strait separating Manhattan Island from Long Island (4,5)
21. Nickname of the Australian international Rugby Union team (9)
23. An excess of liabilities over assets in a given period (7)
24. Co-author, with Whitehead, of the Principia Mathematica (7)
26. An addition explaining, modifying, or revoking a will (7)
29. Film for which director Warren Beatty won an Oscar in 1982 (4)