Best for Puzzles

Polymath Crossword No. 12


1. Red-wine grape which is the basis of most Bordeaux wine (8,9)
10. In Mexican cookery, a thin round unleavened bread made from cornmeal (8)
11. A small naval escort vessel (8)
12. Organisms that grow in the absence of air (9)
13. A ship's spars, ropes, etc., supporting and controlling the sails (7)
15. The repetition of a sound by the reflection of sound waves (4)
17. A pre-Roman track crossing England from Wiltshire to Norfolk (8,3)
19. The capital of Sierra Leone (8)
20. A state in the Middle West of the USA, to the south and west of Lake Michigan (8)
22. A quantity placed before and multiplying an algebraic expression (11)
24. Trevor --, Peter Hall's successor as artistic director of the RSC (4)
26. A small tube inserted into the body to allow fluid to enter or escape (7)
27. Mediaeval soldiers (3-2-4)
30. The capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (8)
31. An allusive or oblique remark, usually disparaging (8)
32. A or an (10,7)

2. The fruit of the oak (5)
3. A boneless steak cut from between two ribs (9)
4. British admiral created Duke of Bronte by the king of Naples (6)
5. Trailing plant named after the head gardener to King Charles I (12)
6. Direction in a musical score to resume use of the bow after a pizzicato passage (4)
7. Tiny splinters of chocolate used for desserts and cake decoration (10)
8. British actor whose autobiography "An Actor in his Time" was published in 1979 (7)
9. A pretentious and vulgar display, particularly of wealth and luxury (11)
14. The political and social system in France before the Revolution of 1789 (6,6)
16. The municipal authorities of a borough, town, or city (11)
18. Italian painter and sculptor famous for his elongated portraits (10)
21. Himalayan mountain in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (5,4)
23. An attempt to win a trick with a card that is not the highest held (7)
25. Half of a bob (6)
28. An award for outstanding achievement (5)
29. Pen-name of the writer Hector Hugh Munro (4)